DANA SIPOS: Guitar (2017-present)

Dana is a great singer and songwriter who I met during the making of her beauty of a record Trick Of The Light, which was produced by Sandro Perri, and features myself, Thomas Hammerton, Mark McIntyre and AJ Johnson as the backing band, along with appearances by some of my favourite musicians including Ryan Driver, Mary Margaret O'Hara, Doug Tielli , Brodie West , and Jesse Zubot. We have since become good pals and tour mates, having played a handful of US, Canadian and European shows together.

ROXANNE POTVIN: Guitar/Lap Steel (2017-present)

I first met Roxanne when our mutual friend and master drummer Marshall Bureau suggested me as a guitarist for a one off wedding gig she had booked in Vancouver in the Fall of 2017. Since then I’ve played a bunch of shows in her band and toured the East coast of Canada with Rox as a duo. We will reprise our duo act in the Spring of 2019 for a run of shows opening up for Canadian blues legend Colin James.


ROYAL WOOD: Guitar (April - May 2016)

I had the pleasure of playing electric guitar and singing harmonies for this stellar incarnation of Royal’s band (Royal, Steve Zsirai, Michelle Willis and Mark Mariash) for a Spring tour.

SUN KIL MOON: Guitar (2014-2016)

I met Mark Kozelek in Padova Italy in April 2014 where I was playing with Barzin and we were opening up for him. The band met him backstage and we all had a nice hangout. Three days later Mark emailed me and asked if I could play guitar for Sun Kil Moon on a July US tour. I said yes, and proceeded to travel the world in the band, playing guitar, Fender Bass VI, and singing harmonies. I had the fortune of visiting many incredible places and playing some beautiful venues and exciting festivals as part of this band.

GUELPH WEEN SATAN: Contributor (2015)

This was a super fun all Guelph, all Ween tribute album curated/created by Brad De Roo. I recorded a cover of Tender Situation, from Ween's seminal 1992 album Pure Guava. My track makes extensive use of a very cool Kawai organ donated to me by my friend Mike. Taste the waste.

JONI NEHRITA - Bloom: Guitar/Record (2015)

Joni and I play in a classic soul and R&B band called Soulphonic, where she always blows me away with her singing of that incredible repertoire. This album is a collection of her latest original songs. I recorded the beds for That's The Truth at my studio. and played guitar on the rest of the tracks.

BARZIN - To Live Alone In That Long Summer: Production/Guitar/Lap Steel (2014)

I've known and played music with Barzin for over a decade now. This was the second album of his that I was a part of,  and am somewhat reluctantly grateful for the co-producer credit. Most of my "production" work was recording demos for the songs at my studio. It was a pleasure to work with good friends and to have the opportunity to record the album at Revolution Recording with Annelise Noronha at the helm.

TYLER WAGLER - 4 Songs: Record (2014)

Tyler is a friend and great bassist and songwriter working in Guelph. We also play in Soulphonic together. I recorded these original songs of his at my place with Tyler, Thomas Hammerton, and Jesse Turton. You can hear the rain falling on the aluminum roof on Blazing Waters.


ZUNIOR HOLIDAY ALBUMS: Contributor (2005-2013)

Thanks to Dave Ulrich, I've contributed tracks for six of these festive compilations since 2005. Highlights for me include a mashup of Corey Hart's Sunglasses at Night with Silent Night, and a guitar duet of Silver Bells with Rich Burnett.

JENNY OMNICHORD - Days Of Hard Drives: Record/Mix (2013)

I had fun hanging out with Jenny and recording the track Tailscore That Bum for this album. Jenny is a longtime fixture of the Guelph music community and does all sorts of amazing and creative things.

MEMORYHOUSE - The Slideshow Effect: Lap Steel (2012)

Barzin helped to produce this dreamy album and I played lap steel on All Our Wonder, Punctum, and Bonfire. It was the first time I've been to Catherine North Studios in Hamilton and would love to record there again.

SANDRO PERRI - Impossible Spaces: Record (2011)

Well, my role here was minimal, but it's one of my favourite records by one of my favourite friends and a most respected musician. I recorded Sandro playing the drums for Wolfman at my studio for a demo, and it wound up on the final version. Sandro and I go way back, and I'm lucky and happy to have had him help produce my last two records.

BARZIN - Notes To An Absent Lover: Guitar/Lap Steel (2009)

This was the first album I recorded on with Barzin, after having been on a number of European tours with him prior. Some of my favourite memories from the '00's have these songs as the soundtrack.



SAUL KAROL - Vocal/Guitar/Banjo (2007)

This was a very short but sweet project with Darren Wall. Darren and I have played together for many years, and these were some songs he wanted to record for an (unsuccessful) grant application. We worked them out together and then went to record them on one day at Don Kerr's Rooster studio with Jean Martin, Justin Haynes, and Daffyd Hughes. It was all recorded live off the floor, and we later had Ben Bowen add some horns. And yes, this is a working MySpace link.

BRIAN MACMILLAN - Let The Darkness Go (2007)

I didn't do much on this (a little marimba and singing), but I include it here to recognize the great respect I have for Brian as a friend and musician. We went to music school together and cut our teeth playing in a band in the late '90's/early '00's. The Would-Be Traveler's never got to make a proper record, but we had many fun nights playing at The Silver Dollar and The 360 in Toronto.

SANDRO PERRI - Plays Polmo Polpo (2006)

This album marked Sandro's transition from solo instrumental music under the moniker Polmo Polpo to making more song focused music under his own name. I played lap steel with Sandro on a bunch of live shows as Polmo Polpo in the early '00's. I played Ebow guitar on Romeo Heart on this album.