Old Maps

by Old Maps


Old Maps is: Steve Perzow, Robbie Grunwald, Adam Balsam, and Nick Zubeck. 

These compositions started as seeds. They were little seeds from jams that took place in a basement with Steve, Adam, Howie Goldbach, and Simon Akirov. Steve and Robbie took these recordings and found their favourite little seeds amongst the bunch and let them germinate into the compositions. What you hear is what grew out of that. 

Please enjoy responsibly.


released May 28, 2015

Adam Balsam - Drums
Steve Perzow - Bass
Nick Zubeck - Guitars
Robbie Grunwald, - Keyboards, + Guitar

all songs written by Old Maps, Simon Akirov, and Howie Goldbach

Recorded at Arthur North Studios, Guelph ON and Lincoln County Social Club, Toronto, ON. 

Mixed by Robbie Grunwald

Produced by Steve Perzow and Robbie Grunwald