Arthur North is a music recording and lesson studio located near downtown Guelph Ontario. The studio can facilitate the production of full-band recordings, overdubs, demos, soundtracks, audiobooks, mixing, mastering and more. It is equipped with a large live room, control room and isolation room. The studio also offers lessons in guitar, bass, piano, theory, and music production to all ages and levels. Nick has over two decades of experience playing guitar, singing, writing, performing, recording and teaching. Arthur North can also be rented as a rehearsal/writing space. The studio has very reasonable rates and flexible hours. Please contact Nick for more information.

Recordings at Arthur North include first releases by Shiverbeck (Tim Shia, Mark Laver, Nick Zubeck), Old Maps (Robbie Grunwald, Steve Perzow, Adam Balsam, Nick Zubeck), as well as Nick's own albums. Nick has done recording and production work for Sandro Perri, Barzin, Tyler Wagler, Rich Burnett, Jenny Omnichord, Joni Nehrita, Jude Vadala, Magnolius, LEO37, Dave Ulrich, Ben Bowen, Brenda McMorrow and others.

As an instructor, Nick spent 10 years at the Humber College Community Music School, teaching private guitar lessons and small ensembles. He taught private guitar and piano lessons for over a decade in Toronto, and continues to do so in Guelph, as well as teaching guitar at Folkway Music.

Click on image to visit the studio's Facebook page

Click on image to visit the studio's Facebook page


"Recording at Arthur North is always a great experience. The space is cozy and Nick is a generous, patient and musically sensitive presence. We did parts of my last record there (Impossible Spaces) and I would not hesitate to return!" ~ Sandro Perri (Producer, songwriter)

"Working at Arthur North is always something I look forward to. The studio is a warm and welcoming space that is always conducive to a creative environment. That being said, it's Nick's expertise and ease both behind the board and as a musician that make the experience truly rewarding. I can't wait to go back to Arthur North!" ~ Thomas Hammerton (Keyboardist; Cuff The Duke, Odd Years, Bry Webb)

"I love recording at Arthur North. We recorded bed tracks of guitar, upright piano and double bass live off the floor as well as doing
overdubs there. It's cozy and relaxed but professional and has that elusive vibe that you want in a studio. The room just sounds good and
Nick is a pleasure to work with." ~ Tyler Wagler (Bassist & songwriter)

"If you want to go somewhere where humanity and musicality abound, Peter Gabriel's Real World Studio in England is amazing. Nick Zubeck's Arthur North Studios in Guelph are a close second and a little less expensive. No Koi pond though. Nick Zubeck has extreme B.O. but that is easily compensated by his big heart and big ears. His flexibility and attention to detail also help make Arthur North a great place to make music despite his pungent scent of pickle juice. I am joking about the olfactory situation except for that one time after he had Jazzercised before a session" ~ Tim Shia (drummer and Jazzercise instructor; Worst Pop Band Ever)

"Working with Nick Zubeck is a joy! Nick's warm, encouraging, clever, fun and supportive personality; his creative musical genius; his excellently equipped and comfortable studio; and his professionalism, are a recipe for a superb recording experience. Thanks, Nick. You truly rock." ~ Brenda McMorrow (Canadian Devotional Kirtan Artist)